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Parent Feedback

Parent Feedback: Parent Feedback

"I just wanted to share the name of a phenomenal speech therapist, Tiffany Santiago, of www.wetalkbklyn.com.

My child was evaluated for both EI and CPSE—and did not qualify for either, despite having clear difficulties with interactive/pragmatic speech.  I first took my child to a well known private speech agency in North Brooklyn; while they were kind, the initial consultation/evaluation was not especially informative or illuminating, and the 45 minute commute to subsequent sessions out of home were emotionally and physically taxing on us. It was a battle every time.

We began working with Tiffany next, right when my child turned 3; after a quick, easy evaluation, she immediately was able to articulate my child’s unique speech struggles in a way no one else had been able to, reassured my nerves, and set up a game plan. She arrived every week with activities especially designed for my child’s interests—-really unbelievable hands on, creative exercises—it didn’t even seem like speech therapy. The difference I saw in just two months was mind-blowing.  My child’s confidence and social skills have exploded, and I’m thrilled they are completely at-age-level now. My child still sees Tiffany on occasion just for extra early reading support and frankly, because I can’t let her go. 

I cannot recommend her services enough for any parent who is apprehensive or overwhelmed about starting speech, or who feels discouraged by the speed or availability of public options. She is worth every penny (and in my opinion is very affordable for what she provides). Worth noting her virtual sessions were also fantastic compared to others I’ve experienced, for anyone who needs that option." -Anonymous to protect the privacy of my child

"We have 1 more scheduled visit with PJ's private Speech Therapist. I cancelled his recurring visits because I just didn't want outside people in the house with a new born moving in.

We started working with Tiffany in October of last year because I didn't think we would get a lot of support from the DOE to really help PJ thrive with his AAC device. (I wasn't wrong). But Tiffany would show me how to work with him on his device and really helped me take the uncertainty out of it.

When we started with Tiffany, PJ was still completely nonverbal and his only words were Mom and Da-da (da-dee)

Yesterday when Tiffany asked him how he was feeling, PJ replied "Happy" and when she was leaving PJ said " Bye bye Tiffany" tears all around.

At Thanksgiving PJ departed everyone with a "Bye Bye" and the best attempt at their name. It seems like nothing to a lot of people. But for me - getting here feels like finally being at the top of the mountain. In the last year PJ has gone from maybe 2 words that counted as Verbal Speech to over 15 words he uses effectively! This is an incredible boom and we know more is coming!"- Anonymous mom of three

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